さっぱり記号はおぼえていない @tokida です。



$ telnet



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 ## Games on this server are recorded for in-progress viewing and playback!

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  m) MOTD/news (updated: 2014.03.23)

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Register new user

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 Welcome new user. Please enter a username.
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server info

 ## -
 ##                                                         2014-03-26 12:23:52

 This is the public NetHack server.
 Contact email:  [email protected]

  -Mainly done by paxed (at) or on
  -Server hardware, connection and occasional admining by dtype

 We're using dgamelaunch to handle user logins and passwords.
 dgamelaunch svn - network console game launcher
 Copyright (c) 2000-2011 The Dgamelaunch Team
 See for more info

 Games on this server are recorded for in-progress viewing and playback!

  Press 'q' to go back to main menu
        'm' to see MOTD/news


  Added experimental UTF8 support.

  Happy 10th anniversary, NetHack 3.4.3

  NetHack and dgamelaunch updated; perhaps the most visible things
  are MONSTERCOLOR setting (see
  and the XON/XOFF flow control being disabled (so ctrl-S doesn't
  stop the output anymore)

  NetHack updated:
  New boolean options:
    "msg_wall_hits": Show in the message area when walking at wall.
    "menu_glyphs": Show item glyphs into menus.
    "hilite_hidden_stairs": Show items with red background if over stairs.
    "hilite_obj_piles": Show piles of items with blue background.
  Fixed several crash bugs. (and some other bugs too...)
  Added some hallu monsters, T-shirt messages and random epitaphs.
  Write into a file if player uses SIGHUP, to make cheating obvious.


  Logged in as: tokida

  c) Change password
  e) Change email address
  w) Watch games in progress
  o) Edit options using 'virus' ( See )
  O) Edit options using 'ee'
  R) Reset options file to the default one
  p) Play NetHack 3.4.3

  s) server info
  m) MOTD/news (updated: 2014.03.23)

  q) Quit

実際にゲームを始めるのは p) で始めることが出来ます。Macbookなどはキーパッドがないので o) でOptionを選択して


とした上で始めると h``j``k``lで移動ができるようになります。

                         #   #
                         0## #
                           # f

Tokida the Aspirant          St:14 Dx:10 Co:11 In:11 Wi:18 Ch:11  Chaotic S:4
Dlvl:1  $:0  HP:8(14) Pw:6(6) AC:7  Xp:1/1 T:28